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New York, Chicago, and now San Francisco.
As the lead U.S. professional agency for
TBWA\WorldHealth, we cover lots of territory.
CAHG is one of the largest healthcare
communications companies in the world,
with over 50 years of experience in
virtually every disease category.

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The Making

of the

Nesting Dolls

To create a new multichannel campaign
for a leading pediatric vaccine manufacturer,
we used the same approach that's used
to create an animated film. Each doll
started as a black and white sketch.
The result: a Global Award—winning idea.

A Global


Even a few millimeters can create a big impact
when it comes to the effects of hypertension.
This message was brought to life in a Global
Award—winning prelaunch campaign for a
major pharmaceutical company.

A Spark

of Inspiration

Challenged with creating a new extension
campaign for the world's top-selling
pharmaceutical brand, we assembled talent
from across the TBWA\WorldHealth network.
SPARK™ is our very own approach to campaign
development — an intense creative firestorm
that results in better ideas faster and a more
rewarding experience for all involved.



Build one. Serve many. That was the approach
we took when developing the DROPS101™
Web Tool, an engaging multiproduct mobile
platform that helps Dr. Mom stay on top
of her family's health decisions. This Web Tool,
created for a leading manufacturer of eye
and ear care brands, was featured in
PM 360's patient-centric innovation issue.



Creative conventions in eye care feature
close-ups of eyes and smiling faces.
We helped a leading ocular anti-inflammatory
brand break through by taking a simple,
iconic approach. A muddy dog in a pristine,
white living room dramatizes every surgeon's
fear of postoperative "messes."

Don’t Get


This disease awareness campaign
was created for a leading manufacturer
of pediatric vaccines. Designed to
reach teens, parents, school nurses
and physicians' office staff, this initiative
helped raise awareness about the importance
of second-dose immunization against chicken pox.